Cheap Logo Ltd.


You might have logged on because you were recommended or maybe you read about us on another web site, you may even be one of the many clients happy with our work. In all cases, sit back, relax and review our portfolio of logos.

The portfolio is useful to those who might want to purchase a logo and provides examples of work that you can refer to when ordering... such as:

"I liked the logo you designed for XYZ company." Rest assured though that each logo we produce is custom artwork.

If you have ordered from us before then you know best how our service works: one first starts by flipping through our folio, then sending us an email. That simple. Please remember, however, before asking us to design a logo, you must be prepared to send a partial payment via LBC or Western Union moneygram or for some clients via PayPal. By the way... if you're asking "who pays the transfer fees?" We gladly do!
Once we receive partial payment, your design job is handled quickly through continuous emails between us. If your job is a rush-job, we do advise you to install a 'voip' or 'internet-phone' program like Skype or a chat program like YM or MSM and if you need help installing one, just ask.

So to start, just tell us after viewing our work those logos you find visually appealing. Our portfolio is more than just our online "bragging department," for new clients it is that first step to an inspiring trademark for their business or organization. Got a few questions first? Then just email us your questions and we'll get a reply to you within 24 hours... after all we're just a click away.

Thanks for visiting us!

  • Eli Marin